Learn to safely and effectively deploy your AHD...
Solve Complex problems
Learn The Core fundamentals Of High Directional Rigging and how to apply that knowledge
Avoid excessive fall distances in the event of a failure. Step forward into the next era of rescue rigging.
A simple 5 Day Advance Master Class successfully leveraging the power of high directionals and twin tension

Simplify the training

Learn the basics of how Artificial High Directional’s help you... With a simple framework for thinking critically about a wide variety of applications with an emphasis on bomber setups

Gain a solid understanding of the concepts

Understand the fundamentals, benefits, and limitations of shared tension rope systems... Enhance your critical thinking and confidence based on applied theories of force, compression, and tension.

Prepare your team for AHD uses.

Quality training growing your team's competence, speed, and adaptability in handling new environments and challenges with safe, repeatable results.
“We're coming away with the ability to use the Arizona Vortex on terrain that would've been extremely difficult to complete a mission without an artificial high directional.”
Volcano Rescue Team
“Everything done in rope rescue should be calculated. There is no “one size fits all” solution to every rescue you’re facing...
...The AHD is not exempt from this. “
“We’re In transition at our Fire Department… We've been talking a lot about using the twin tension rope system with an artificial high directional…
… This 5 Day Advance Master Class is the perfect training supplement.”
We'll Help You Transition
Discover core strategies of anchoring & positioning the working line at or near an edge
Expand your Team’s knowledge of different ways to help solve everyday Rigging Problems...
Rigging Offsets
Safe Edge Transitions

Reducing Edge Friction
Vertical Lifting Anchors For Confined Space
How Will The 5 Day Advance Benefit You?
  • Decide on how to set up your AHD quickly and safely
  • Think critically about a wide variety of high directional applications
  •  Know what type of AHD configuration to use and when!
  •  Setting high angle offsets
  • Transition to a shared tension rope system and know when to deviate
  •  And much much more…
High directionals are there to make your lives easier as a rescue team managing friction at the edge...
…providing a much cleaner path to take when negotiating those edges.
 The 5-Day Advance Master Class is going to help you learn how to use high directionals in several different ways to improve your team operations!
Artificial High Directionals allow for a plethora of different configurations, often only truly limited to the imagination once you have gained confidence in them.
The most significant components that this five-day course is going to focus on is the use of high directionals. 
  • Physics Of Rigging An AHD
  • Two Rope Offset System Overview 
  • Sideways Easel A-Frame
  • Dynamic Directional Offset
  • Rigging A Backcountry Gin Pole
The 5 Day Advance Features The Most Common Artificial High Directionals On The Market.  
Technology and other options on the market have developed to a point where there's no reason 
not to incorporate a high directional into your rope rescue team
SMC Vector Backcountry Gin Pole
Rock Exotica Arizona Vortex 
SMC TerrAdaptor
Successfully transition your team operations to executing a seamless Twin Tension Rope System with an Artificial High Directional.
“I run with our county TRT and the curriculum in our training does not include TTRS …

… This training is superb… A few of us on our team is trying to show the benefits of using an AHD with the TTRS!”
“We’re In transition at our Fire Dept… We've been talking a lot about Using the Twin Tention Rope System With An Artificial High Directional…
… This 5 Day Advance Master Class is the perfect training Supplement.”
Improve Your Team Rescue Operations By Following A Simple Framework To Deploy High Directionals
Only a combination of education, practice, failure, and analysis will answer your questions.
Improve Your Team Rescue Operations By Following A Simple Framework To Execute High Directional Rescues
Only a combination of Education, practice, failure, and analysis will answer your questions.
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